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Understand this. Challenging council income tax arrears

Understand this. Challenging council income tax arrears

You may have the ability to challenge a council goverment tax bill in the event that you:

  • don’t think you are accountable for it
  • think the property is forever exempt from council taxation, as an example if it is students halls of residence or forces that are armed
  • think the house is temporarily exempt, as an example if it is been kept empty since it’s been repossessed, or somebody has died or perhaps is in hospital

You need to challenge a council tax bill you should contact your local council if you think. You can check whom your regional council is on GOV.UK if you want to.

When you yourself have rent arrears

If a tenancy was signed by you contract you will be in charge of any lease arrears.

If you don’t have tenancy agreement, you may have agreed together with your landlord who was liable once you relocated in. Verify that any evidence is had by you of the thing that was agreed – this can consist of e-mails, letters, texts or documents of payments in a lease guide.

You should talk to your landlord as soon as possible if you have rent arrears. Pay what you can and get for additional time to pay the lease right back. Your landlord could evict you if you don’t. Have more assistance with working with lease arrears.

In the event that you challenge your lease arrears

Based on your tenancy, there’s a danger your landlord could attempt to evict you if you challenge your rent arrears. You’ll frequently get yourself an area 8 or part 21 notice in case your landlord really wants to evict you.

If the tenancy is shared by you along with other individuals

In the event that you finalized a joint tenancy contract, everyone else who finalized will undoubtedly be jointly accountable for any lease arrears. If a individual person departs without having to pay their lease, the landlord can take one other renters in charge of spending their rent arrears.

If you’re a guarantor

They don’t pay their rent, their landlord can ask you to pay if you agreed to be a guarantor for someone and.

If you consented to be a guarantor for somebody who is jointly responsible for lease along with other individuals, you might like to be responsible for one other tenants’ lease when they don’t spend it.

If you’re a guarantor you need to have a finalized, written guarantee contract which explains when you could be liable. It’s also wise to have now been provided a duplicate regarding the tenancy contract.

For those who haven’t compensated your gasoline or electricity bills

In the event that you finalized the contract aided by the fuel or electricity business or asked for the supply, you will usually lead to having to pay the power bill.

To ensure you’re perhaps not being expected to spend way too much, it is well worth checking your bill is appropriate.

When you haven’t possessed a bill recently

When you haven’t received a bill for more than a 12 months, you will possibly not need to pay for the energy you’ve used. Get assistance for those who haven’t received an electricity bill for a time.

For those who haven’t compensated your water services bill

You’ll be accountable for the water supply bill your location. Everybody whom lives with you shall be jointly liable, even though their name is not in the bill.

Your water won’t be disconnected unless you run a business at the property if you don’t pay your bill. Check exactly what can take place in the event that you don’t pay your water supply bill.

If you’re struggling to cover you could get assistance with having to pay your water bills.

Having to pay water bills if you’re renting

You might purchase water in the rent. Look at your tenancy contract if you’re perhaps perhaps not sure.

In the event that you have any evidence of what was agreed when you moved in if you don’t have a tenancy agreement, check. This can add e-mails, letters or text messages.

If water is roofed, you will find guidelines to ensure that you don’t spend a lot of for your water. Learn more about spending your water supply bill if you’re a tenant.

If you’re going out

Be sure you inform your water company if you’re moving away. Before you move, you’ll be liable until the date you move out if you give 2 or more working days’ notice.

In the event that you don’t offer 2 days’ notice, you’ll be liable before the date that is earliest away from:

  • the 28th time them you were moving after you told
  • whenever a new occupier informs the water company they’ve relocated in
  • the date the meter would normally be look over or is read (if payday loans NE you have a meter)


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